Our Team

The research team includes researchers from the University of Strathclyde (Scotland, UK); University of Dortmund (Germany); The State University of Campinas (Brazil) and Jagiellonian University (Poland). Cooperation between the teams transnationally is particularly important in this project, so that best practice can be shared across countries.

Picture of Karolina Barglowski

Karolina Barglowski

Principal Investigator – Germany Team

Picture of Paula-Dornelas

Paula Dornelas


Picture of Emmaleena Käkelä

Emmaleena Käkelä


Picture of Ewa Krzaklewska

Ewa Krzaklewska


Picture of Niklas Luft

Niklas Luft


Picture of Adriana Piscitelli

Adriana Piscitelli

Principal Investigator – Brazil Team

Picture of Jullyane Carvalho Ribeiro

Jullyane Ribeiro


Picture of Daniela Sime

Daniela Sime

Principal Investigator – UK Team

Picture of Krystyna Slany

Krystyna Slany

Principal Investigator – Poland Team

Picture of Magdalena Ślusarczyk

Magdalena Ślusarczyk


Picture of Anastasiya Stelmakh

Anastasiya Stelmakh

Previous Researcher

Picture of Susanne Willers

Susanne Willers

Previous Researcher

Advisory Board

GEN-MIGRA works closely with advisors from academia, third sector and women with lived experience of international mobilities to:

  • Inform the project approach to analysing increasing inequalities
  • Plan recruitment strategies
  • Design and pilot methods to capture the experiences of migrant women and families
  • Identify and promote empirically informed solutions to inform gender-responsive policies globally